Protect Your Health (< 6hrs at the keyboard)

According to a trustable study heard on trustable radio (religious), you sit more than 6 hrs. looking at the PC, you’re fried. Deep-fried, as in Alzheimer predisposition. SO DON’T. I am just shouting against my sleepness (2am here).

It is possible that I can work only cause I take big breaks from it – (like 6 months being unemployed). It looks bleak, yes, a future world with half-zombies emanating 2 meters vertically on planet’s surface.

My mom’s got early-onset Alzheimer’s and I believe it’s from staring 8-12 hours at the PC.

Oh, and employees I encoutered, what do they do? They seem to dismiss this.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, fatigue – diseases of current times.

Sentence of the minute: Boy, I got too serious.

Talking by writing on the internet? It’s wrong; you can’t see what my mimic is,  so we don’t use most body’s senses this way. This leaves a lot of interpretation, which is <> than communication. And I also get a nose-up (i.e. bad, looking down at) attitude towards others that BOTHERS ME; I prefer nobody reads this; I prefer to hide in a bush for the rest of my life right now after posting! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I also will not re-edit for grammar issues any more!

One more thing: it’s a trap. No, I am not bigot. It’s like when getting hanged… more writing, more Alzheimer’s; which means. amongst others, that comments which will bluntly disaprove me _will_ be bullied!

I like stray dogs in open air (these seemed to be mentally sick though)


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