(lyrics) What’s a man without a psychologist… a psychologist without a man?

(lyrics) What’s a man without a psychologist… a psychologist without a man?

Psychiatric drugs are experimental. I.e. BAD. Psychiatry is a shallow attempt to correct one’s life… a life which usually has too much of rebellion attitude. There’s no such thing as religion-observing psychia-trist/logist.
If anything, it’s just religios, or just psycho-, not both, this is because AFAIK this (fake) science is atheist; furthermore, it only relates to the body (these are not figured out by me but by Holy fathers living tough ascetic life in the last 2K years).
Much stuff I learned from this religious-equidistant site http://sntp.net/ (Say No To Psychiatry) and from close encounters with a ~addict to psychiatry. Usually who falls in this trap are atheists or (half-ateists to say so); it’s a trap probably cause they call you over and over to appointments and worst of all is the medication which cause memory issues, brain issues („tardive” issues); medication is experimental (as these „doctors” themselves state, there are lots of quotes on this issue)…  
[…] I figure the psychologist-iatrist is the society’s way of hiding under the carpet the people which it stresses out too much (jobs etc.) or just people who have some sort of issue because the world does not want to care about people in real need. You can put a poor person in a shelter when it’s bad weather, but the psychic nature requires much more attention, not just relocation and basic service. As a matter of fact the psychic part is far more important. The spiritual part is the most important, but that is not in question right now.
SO AVOID GOING THERE. Go in the midst of nature instead; or seek a decent friend; pet a dog and such; basicly avoid excess of anything, and if you are religios then surely you have an escape route provided you have the correct faith (I mean if your god is a stone cat – i.e. idolatry  – then that doesnt mean you actually have a religion, just a lie). The way I figured out, a careful person will finish at Christian Eastern Orthodoxy. To explain this, being christian, it is clean and it observes everything, down to all the canonical establishments of the Holy Fathers. This way you have a shot to be above, shoot not for the body, not for the psyche but for the good after-life.

Thank you

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Some of The Best of SpaceSynth-Style

Scroll down

Bowrider speedboat
(Forget the female in the speedboat… it’s embarrasing… btw it’s not my picture, it’s from some site, http://www.travelizmo.com)

Macrocosm  Virtual Voltage

Macrocosm Fields of Fire

Laserdance… into the night ~spacemix

Flying Planet

Koto –
(the dragon… semi-embarrasing… but otherwise I’d say excellent melody)

They are lots more…

I read someone scoffing at this style… it is just a beautiful simple style… Heard it at the local christian orthodox radio first!

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Protect Your Health (< 6hrs at the keyboard)

According to a trustable study heard on trustable radio (religious), you sit more than 6 hrs. looking at the PC, you’re fried. Deep-fried, as in Alzheimer predisposition. SO DON’T. I am just shouting against my sleepness (2am here).

It is possible that I can work only cause I take big breaks from it – (like 6 months being unemployed). It looks bleak, yes, a future world with half-zombies emanating 2 meters vertically on planet’s surface.

My mom’s got early-onset Alzheimer’s and I believe it’s from staring 8-12 hours at the PC.

Oh, and employees I encoutered, what do they do? They seem to dismiss this.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, fatigue – diseases of current times.

Sentence of the minute: Boy, I got too serious.

Talking by writing on the internet? It’s wrong; you can’t see what my mimic is,  so we don’t use most body’s senses this way. This leaves a lot of interpretation, which is <> than communication. And I also get a nose-up (i.e. bad, looking down at) attitude towards others that BOTHERS ME; I prefer nobody reads this; I prefer to hide in a bush for the rest of my life right now after posting! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I also will not re-edit for grammar issues any more!

One more thing: it’s a trap. No, I am not bigot. It’s like when getting hanged… more writing, more Alzheimer’s; which means. amongst others, that comments which will bluntly disaprove me _will_ be bullied!

I like stray dogs in open air (these seemed to be mentally sick though)

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Aham, I Still Like Winter

Ain’t no joke in this blog.

SHot with a Nokia 6233 (2006 model, they did VGA RECording  >> 250 bucks a piece).

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This Trash Looks Like Volkswagen

Yep, it definitely does look. Like the VW badge. Doesn’t it?

Besides being related to Hitler’s desire in cars (he asked for the brand), I am enjoying this brand. Hopefully WordPress is as… well-made, or something.

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Protect Youngsters

Hi, I’ll serve it clearly: you got to protect kids from: PC/TV screens, obscene images, violent tutoring (?) and you have to exercise them. All this necessary care from you doesn’t mean you have excuse to shoot them by aborting them before birth, instead just treat them healthy.

I am learning to develop WordPress here.

And don’t give small children COKE and stuff, cause they get addicted (as with the above).


Sentence of the day:   Zend Framework is too…  too.

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Uh Huh

Yama Hama, perhaps we should take steps away from blogs to getting a life?

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